Голубая луна

The Blue Moon

La Luna, dal De Sphaera, XV sec. - Modena, Biblioteca Estense (The Moon from a Fifteenth century Italian Manuscript, painted by Cristoforo De Predis in 1469)

Normally, when the moon is full, I can’t sleep at night—since at least 1997 when I started to realize it was the moonbeams making me nocturnal. Even when I close my eyes and our massive wood shutters firmly shut, I can feel its torch light shining bright into my eyelids as if they were wide open; I can feel the moon’s energy pouring into me; filling me back up with essential light, life’s force.

When I do finally drift into a slumber of sorts, my dreams are vivid and bright, full of meanings, cautions, sometimes hyperbole as a play on words, often I wake and the dreams stay with me like a woolen blanket for the next few days.

Last night, I dreamt that I looked outside my window and Orion’s belt was right in my face, the three mythological Hunter’s stars bursting through my window’s frame. His starry arms up high, embracing me in the dark night. In the middle of this was the big Full moon. Something is about to happen, I thought out loud in my dream mind. Orion is associated with Osiris, the god of rebirth and afterlife, by the ancient Egyptians. But even more eirre is that the Aztecs said that the appearance over the horizon served as the signal of the start of the New Fire ceremony.* Something I didn’t know until I looked it up.

What we have tonight is very special, not only is it wish night and the dawn of a new year, it is a Blue Moon, that magical occurrence when the Full Moon shows us her face twice in one month. Benji and I were married on the Blue Moon of July 2004. The Blue Moon is also known as a Goal Moon, it's an excellent time to set new goals. How apropos for the New Year.

And it’s a partial Lunar Eclipse, which only adds to the powerful energy. The Moon’s own sign of Cancer: the nourishing mother stirs emotions within families and close relationships. Powerful Pluto opposes the Moon and severe Saturn squares it, creating tension that can be down right frightening. There will be some stress as obstacles, pillars of belief will begin to crumble but don’t fret, they will be replaced with a strong feeling of freedom. Creative and artistic qualities will be discovered as you let go of beliefs that don’t work in your life. Let go and better things will follow.

Oh-- it might be tempting to duck confrontation to avoid any serious change; yet refusing to act only reduces your power! You may have tough choices to make this New Year, don’t we all. But you will win the big prize of fulfillment as you reshape relationships and find ways to fulfill your creative potential. Call it an emotional and spiritual awakening to truths as the clutter is cleared away and the present is seen in a new light.

Speaking of clutter, this is the best time to clean out the house and donate as much as possible. Clear the slate, be charitable, and help someone else in need. A really important part of this Full moon is how we are treating others. It needs to be with respect, paying attention, speaking kindly, listening (and reading) carefully, and then trying to keep your cool.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree and Moon is Cancer 11 – “A Clown is caricaturing well-known Personalities.” this Symbol relates to: masking the reality of a situation, humor or deadpan responses, masquerades, hide and seek type games, entertaining and being entertained, fun at the expense of someone else, mimes and second guessing, a circus, perceived reality versus actual reality, acting out scenarios, expression, spotlights, putting on a performance.

It tells us that learning to laugh first at our own absurdities and then recognize that all people have their own ideas and understandings of traditions, no one person really is better than another.

“Pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate” is the Sabian symbol for the Sun (which btw I walked up to one in my garden the other day, he was no more than ten feet away from me in his magnificent plumage!!) at 11 Capricorn. To quote Robert Green Ingersoll: Few rich men own their own property. The property owns them. There is beauty to be found everywhere if we have the eyes to see it, not just tucked away for a privileged few.

Ritual: On the evening of the Blue Moon take any piece of silver jewelery or a silver coin, make a special wish and say it aloud 3 times. Place the jewelery or coin under the full Moon overnight. Silver is associated with the Moon and the Goddess and is the best material for use in a Blue Moon ritual.

Don't worry if you cannot physically see the Moon, as its special energy is still present, boy do I know that. Once the jewelery or coin has been charged by the energy of the Blue Moon, it will act as a lucky talisman to allow your wishes to come true.

ALL Eclipses are 'course correctors' and are meant to change the course of your life. And lucky charms will help you! May all your wishes come true.

Brightest Blessings and hope for peace, love and happiness for all,

* the New Fire ceremony was done only once every 52 years and marked the end of Aztec calendar cycle; they did it to stave off the ending of the world. At sunset on the last day of the year of the 52 years, a procession of priests from the fire cult walked from the ceremonial center. On this extinct volcano was a temple platform. All fires in the Aztec realm were put out and everyone looked toward the mountain's summit. When the constellation called by the Aztecs "the fire drill" (Orion's belt) rose above the horizon, a man was sacrificed on the top of Huixachtlan and a fire drill was placed on his chest. When the first sparks of fire sprung from the fire drill, the New Calendar Round was declared begun and a huge bonfire was lit. From this bonfire torches were carried by runners to every ward of the city where the temple hearths would be lit.



Red Foxes at Red Oak Hollow.
We have fox dens in our woods, just off the main hiking trail.
We believe that they have been there for decades.
In our few short years here, we have learned their calendar.

Winter is the mating dance.
They return in January or February.
I heard them last week-end, so we know they are back.
I believe that the female returns and cries out for a date.
She knows that she has a great den and all she needs is a mate.
This may go on for a month or the male may or may not come around.
I read that foxes travel 60 miles within their territory.

We will see what happens this winter, may bring kits this spring.
Last year, we had a litter.
To catch a glimpse of a fox is a gift.
They are quick. The fox cliches are not cliches but observations.
Our winters are brief but worth experiencing at Red Oak Hollow.






A curious Nepalese child and mother













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